5 Pinoy BJJ Instagram accounts to follow this week

Get your social media grappling fix and follow these Pinoy BJJ Instagram accounts.

Ali Sulit

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Why: A BJJ and Judo black belter, Professor Sulit actively shares techniques and insights regarding the rapidly changing Jiu-jitsu game. That means free tips from a really good grappler. As a bonus, you can also take notes on how to level up your hair game.

JR Rulloda

Why: Funny memes, motivational quotes, and the occasional pick-up line–that’s what you get when you follow “The Infamous” on IG. Follow for some good laughs and for training motivation.

Meggie Ochoa

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Why: Ochoa is making waves both on and off the mat, showing what results focus and dedication can yield. Tune in and be inspired by this 3-time world champ.

Third Guevara

Why: Better known as “The Food Grappler,” Guevara travels and trains around the globe, all the while taking awesome foodstagrams that’ll make you drool. To those who love BJJ and food: You’re welcome.

Eros Baluyot

A photo posted by Eros Baluyot (@erosbaluyot) on

Why: This BJJ prodigy is now in the UAE for the 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, happening this weekend. Follow his feed now to see if he bags more medals for the Philippines.

Dojo Drifter Editors

Dojo Drifter Editors

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