A showcase of crisp and brutal striking at ‘Odyssey of Champions’

Aleksei Butorin’s impressive finish of Leandro Ataides can easily take the “Knockout of the Night” honor at ONE Championship’s recent event in Jakarta. He overcame the Brazilian’s submission attempts in the first round, paced the fight into a stand-up battle in the second, and eventually got the KO win.

But that bout wasn’t the only one to showcase effective striking. Koji Ando and Vincent Latoel also dished out their fair share of brutal punches and kicks.

Treading the path to another title shot
Last May, Koji Ando faced Shinya Aoki for the lightweight title. After going hard for 5 rounds, he ended up short with a unanimous decision loss to the defending champ. Instead of taking the back seat, Ando stepped in the cage less than six months after. His opponent was a familiar name in Roger “El Matador” Huerta.

The boxer Ando kept a steady pace and stayed close to the slick Huerta for the entire fight. He didn’t charge in recklessly or throw numerous looping punches. He remained tight and landed counter rights and lefts. His timing was perfect for blocking the spinning back fists and kicks. Ando’s takedown defense was also on point.

Koji Ando wins unanimously over Roger Huerta.
Koji Ando wins unanimously over Roger Huerta.

As fearless as Huerta is as a fighter, he simply had no answers for Ando that night. The Japanese now moves to three wins and one loss in ONE Championship while Huerta suffers his second defeat with only one victory.

Stepping closer to the winner’s column
After the opening bell rang, Vincent Latoel and Arnaud Lepont went at it. The two men exchanged strikes on their feet and on the ground. Lepont was able to take Latoel down and inflict some damage. However, the French fighter suffered a cut at the end of the first round courtesy of Latoel’s aggressive barrages.

In the second, the fight quickly picked up where it left off. This time, Latoel’s handiwork wrote the devastating ending. a quick right hand knocked Lepont to the canvas and it was followed by an array of hammer fists and soccer kicks. Latoel took the win via referee’s stoppage due to strikes.

Vincent Latoel finishes Arnaud Lepont in the second round.
Vincent Latoel finishes Arnaud Lepont in the second round.

Latoel now moves to even his ONE record with three wins and three losses. Meanwhile, Lepont gets his fourth loss with only two victories.

All photos via ONE Championship’s website

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