Alvin Ramirez’s coach explains corner stoppage; calls for medical support for his fighter

alvin ramirez

A corner stoppage at URCC BETS 2 added a loss to Alvin Ramirez’s record, but his head coach says he had to make the tough call.

Last Friday night, Jiar Castillo took on Alvin Ramirez in a flyweight bout, and between rounds one and two, Ramirez’s corner decided to throw in the towel. Apparently, Ramirez suffered an arm injury when he posted his arm out while Castillo was executing a takedown.

The incident left Ramirez with a broken arm, and even though he wanted to keep fighting, his head coach Rey Yap, who treats his fighters like family, decided to stop the fight.

Yap tells Dojo Drifter what happened in their corner between the first and second round.

“When the first round ended, Alvin was saying to me na naramdaman niyang pumutok yung braso niya, but he can’t pinpoint specifically, so I asked him, ‘How do you feel?'” says Yap. “He said mangalay daw, so I held his right wrist and asked him if he can close his fingers, and he said he can’t.”

That’s when Yap knew there was a serious problem.

“I asked him if he can turn so that I can see his forearm, and I clearly saw that he was in pain. Right there I decided to stop the fight. I told him, ‘Alvin, I will stop the fight.'”

According to Coach Yap, Ramirez insisted that he continue fighting even without the use of his right hand, believing that one of his kicks could still connect and end the fight. He even bartered to be given one more round to try and knock out Castillo, arguing that he beat Dennis Salazar at URCC Bacolod even though his knee was injured.

Knowing how badly Ramirez wanted to keep fighting and put on a show for his fans, and knowing how durable the Yaw-yan Buhawi fighter is, Yap initially agreed to let Ramirez fight it out. But moments before the second-round bell sounded, Yap changed his mind.

“I agreed to what Alvin wanted and went out of the cage after I heard the ‘seconds out’ [instructions] from Mr. Rulloda, a very good referee of URCC. But while I was walking out, I had this feeling that there is something very wrong.”

“A few seconds before the second round bell sounded, I finally made my final decision to stop the fight. I stopped the fight because my primary concern is Alvin’s health. His situation will become worse, so I threw in the towel and accepted the defeat.”

Coach Yap would rather accept defeat than let his fighter suffer further, and he’s positive that Ramirez will come back stronger after this setback.

“For sure, Alvin will come back again stronger and a better person, no one can take this away from him,” he shares. “His love and passion for this sports is immeasurable. By the time I went in to the cage i hugged Alvin saying there is a lot more fight coming, mag papagaling ka at lalaban ka ulit; this one is not for you, the Almighty God has a better plan for you.”

Castillo, who recently won the Fight Farm series flyweight title, walked away with the victory and will likely be deemed a top contender in the URCC flyweight division.

Following the fight, however, coach Yap’s concerns were more about Ramirez’s medical condition; not his ranking.

Apparently, with two broken bones in his forearm, Ramirez lacks the financial support to undergo surgery to repair his arm. Coach Yap says that Ramirez is in need of financial assistance, and if anyone is willing to make a donation, then they can contact Ramirez himself.

Gab Pangalangan

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