Why Bisping is happy he’s fighting Rockhold on short notice

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Michael Bisping has a tall order in front of him at UFC 199: He’s fighting middleweight champ Luke Rockhold, a man who’s on a roll and who has beaten him in the past, and he’s going in there on less than two weeks’ notice.

You’d think that not having a full training camp to prepare for a fight would hurt Bisping’s chances of taking the belt, but “The Count” believes that it could be an advantage.

“Yes, I absolutely believe that it’s (getting the fight on short notice) an advantage to be honest,” Bisping said during a UFC199 conference call. “I mean, as long as I’ve been fighting now, this is the first time I’ve had a short notice fight. And I wish this has happened to me longer, because I would realize I don’t need these long drawn out eight week camps. I mean I’ve done this my entire life. The technique is there, the skill is there. And the conditioning and the endurance is there.”

He talks more about the benefits of a short notice fight on Episode 1 of UFC 199 Embedded (4:30 mark).

True enough, Bisping has been in the UFC for a decade already and has fought some of the biggest names in the division, including Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, and Chael Sonnen. He’s also had excellent conditioning in every single fight, and he doesn’t think that will be an issue come UFC 199.

“I just fought Anderson Silva for five rounds not too long ago. I started training. I’m flying through five rounds super easy. I’m going to go into this fight very fresh, very strong,” he said.

“After an eight week camp, it’s draining. You lose muscle. You lose strength. That ain’t going to happen in this fight.”

Bisping feels like this moment was made for him. Not only is he healthy and ready to fight, but he’ll also be fighting in Los Angeles, California, just a short drive away from his home in Anaheim. Plus, fighting an opponent he’s faced before leaves little more homework to be done, in Bisping’s opinion.

“On top of that, I know Luke. We fought. You know, listen: he beat me the first time; God bless him, you know, but every fight is different. And it’s not like I’m going into unknown waters. I know exactly what to expect.”

More on that on Episode 3 of UFC 199 Embedded (1:25 mark).

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