Here are the seven superfights set for ArteSuave 2017

ArteSuave 2017

ArteSuave 2017 will feature seven superfights between some of the country’s top BJJ practitioners.

This annual grappling tournament is set for its third installment at the Commerce Center, Alabang, on October 21 to 22. The event will feature tournament-style grappling matches for both white belts and colored belts.

Additionally, the event will also showcase pre-determined, 10-minute, submission-only superfights between decorated colored belts.

Amongst the superfights, URCC flyweight MMA fighter and Checkmat competitor Carlo Laurel will take on KMA’s Oliver Domingo in a no-gi match. Also, Origins’ Michael Tiu will take on Valores’ James Jayme (gi) in a rematch of their finals showdown in the recent IBBJF tournament. Additionally, Origins’ Pat Jamlang will tussle with Deftac’s BJ Ng in a clash of BJJ brown belts.

Furthermore, blue belts Alex Lee of Deftac and Dany Ty of Atos will lock horns in the only female superfight of the event.

Here’s a rundown of all seven super fights scheduled for ArteSuave 2017:

Carlo Laurel vs. Oliver Domingo (No-gi)
Jakub Bilko vs. Gilbert Ombao (No-Gi)
Alex Lee vs. Dany Ty (Gi)
Michael Tiu vs. James Jayme (Gi)
Neil Larano vs. Jimboy Panlita (No-gi)
Pat Jamlang vs. BJ Ng (Gi)
Justin Ceriola vs. Ef Sevilla (Gi)

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Gab Pangalangan

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