Warm up with this move for faster feet

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When it comes to getting your muscles revved up and ready to go ahead of a training session, it’s best to go for dynamic movements rather than long, static stretches.

That’s because dynamic stretches like arm and leg swings really prepare you muscles for the movements you’re about to do in your workouts. One move you could do to fire up those legs before an exercise session: split jumps.

Here’s what it looks like, but you don’t need to be holding weights since his is your warm up.

In a Spanish study, they found that a quick squat drill can help your leg muscles become more explosive. The study participants did 4 reps of high-load squats and increased their leg power significantly afterwards.

If you don’t want to do any heavy lifting before a workout, then do 4 reps of split squats per leg before doing an activity that requires fast moves.

Photo via eliteboxing.com

Dojo Drifter Editors

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