How to remove the stink from your gi and keep it fresh


Do this to get rid of the stink from your used gi.

Every dojo has that guy with the stinky gi. If you don’t know who the guy with the stinky gi is, then maybe you’re the guy with the stinky gi.

Seriously though, it doesn’t take much to make your gi smell bad. All you have to do is train in it for two to three hours, stuff it in your bag, and leave it there over night. The next morning: surprise!

The secret to avoiding this is to air dry your gi right after you use it and then wash it as soon as you get home. But if you weren’t able to do these things, then you need to take a trip to the kitchen.

“If there is one thing beginners should know, it’s that vinegar is a Jiu-jitero‚Äôs best friend,” says Jaguar Tang, a BJJ brown belter who owns a BJJ gi brand.

“Not only does vinegar set the color in your gi (and prevent the color from bleeding), but it also kills the bacteria that causes that funky smell in your gi,” says Tang.

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Follow Tang’s SOP when it comes to using vinegar to get the stink out of your gi:

STEP 1: Mix 1.5 ltrs of vinegar in the same amount of water
STEP 2: Soak your godforsaken gi in it
STEP 3: Leave it to rest for about an hour
STEP 4: Toss it in the washing machine for cleaning

Afterwards, be sure to leave it out to dry; don’t pack it when it’s still wet. “After washing, make sure to line dry your gi right away, as moisture is what bacteria thrives on, and that is where the smell comes from,” warns Tang.

The next day, your gi should be fresh and ready to roll!

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