Dan Hardy believes Conor McGregor should unify the belts first before Diaz

dan hardy

For UFC commentator Dan Hardy, it’s time for lightweight champion Conor McGregor to finally defend his title.

In an interview with Fighters Only, Hardy said that it’s high time for “The Notorious” to show why he’s the rightful owner of the UFC 155-pound belt following his outside endeavors. And fighting interim champ Tony Ferguson is the way to go.

“I think he has to defend, there’s no other way around it,” Hardy told Fighters Only editor Michael Owens. “As I put in my tweet, which upset loads of people with Conor McGregor profile pictures, he’s got to vacate. He can’t fight [Nate] Diaz for the belt. You’ve got to unify the belts. He has to fight Tony Ferguson.”

Almost a year since he won the lightweight belt by stopping Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, McGregor hasn’t defended the title. Instead, he made his boxing debut and challenged Floyd Mayweather.

With that, McGregor now has the money and power to command whatever he wants, and a trilogy fight against Diaz would bring him another big paycheck. However, Hardy thinks a unification bout against the interim champ Ferguson makes more sense for McGregor and the contenders around him.

“I don’t know whether Conor will fight Ferguson for the belt or not first, but I hope he does,” Hardy said. “For his legacy and reputation, particularly in the mixed martial arts world, he has to fight Tony Ferguson.”

“He certainly can’t be carrying around two belts and not defend them. I think he knows that. He’s smart enough to realise his credibility is based on what other people think of him. I think less people would buy the Nate Diaz fight if he didn’t fight Ferguson first because it would devalue him as a brand.”

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