Dana White: Cyborg was offered same deal as Ronda Rousey but turned it down

Dana White says that the UFC offered Cristiane Justino aka “Cyborg” the same deal as UFC champ Ronda Rousey, but she turned it down.

With Rousey once again proving her dominance in the UFC women’s bantamweight division with her 16-second KO win over Alexis Davis, talks of a fight with “Cyborg” have begun to re-emerge.

White addressed this topic after UFC 175:

“You guys want me to sign her, is that what you’re saying? So, you guys the media are telling me I should sign Cyborg?” White asked the media, “Who likes it? I want to know names.”

 “Because I just don’t want to hear your bullsh*t if I do. This sh*t is going to flip as soon as I sign her. Drug testing and all the other bullsh*t. It will be the biggest f*cking story for you guys to write. The script will flip immediately.”

“Listen, there are certain things to do if you really want to fight in the UFC and if you want to fight for the title. There’s ways to get that done. There’s ways to do it. It’s not like we never offered Cyborg a deal. We offered Cyborg a deal and they turned it down. She got offered the same deal Ronda got offered, and she turned it down.”

Quotes via BloodyElbow.com

Gab Pangalangan

Gab Pangalangan is a former collegiate national Judo champ and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of DojoDrifter.com. You can find his other works in the Philippines' leading magazines and websites.
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