Elite Boxing introduces Cyclehouse for low-impact cardio

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Cyclehouse indoor cycling is the latest addition to the Elite Boxing facility in Ortigas.

Can’t decide between fight or flight? Then work on both and get fit in the process.

Elite Boxing and Muay Thai in Ortigas is known for its top-notch training facility and world-class coaches. However, the facility has put a new spin on its training in the form of its latest hit: Cyclehouse.

This indoor cycling studio is quickly gaining steam amongst fitness enthusiasts thanks to its quality training program and affordable rates. Indoor cycling in general has enjoyed a surge in popularity lately in Manila, thanks in part to its many health benefits.

High intensity, low impact
“It’s a complete upper- and lower-body workout,” said Cyclehouse coach Michelle Estuar.”It improves all components of physical fitness: endurance, strength, power, speed, and coordination.”

Indoor cycling no doubt challenges your legs but it also works your upper body. This is done with use of light dumbbell exercises and other bodyweight movements for your upper body.

Additionally, indoor cycling’s greatest benefit is that it provides you with low-impact training, allowing you to safeguard your knees (just be sure the bike fits you right and that you avoid basic mistakes). This is especially good news for people who are overweight or have knee injuries and need to avoid placing excessive weight on their knees.

“I have a lot of students who just came from an MCL or ACL [knee] operation, and this is the first exercise their doctors advise, usually because there’s no impact on the ground and your knees are very safe,” shared Estuar. “Also, you can control the movement, and the load strengthens the muscles around the knees, and that’s very important for someone who has a knee injury.”

Safe on the saddle
To ensure that your knees are kept safe, be sure to ask your instructor for help adjusting the height of your bike’s seat and handle. Also, anybody with knee problems should consult their doctor before hopping on the saddle. Another way to avoid any aches and pains is to take things in stride, as advised by Cyclehouse’s coach Aya Gonzalez:

“For those just starting out, I would recommend training every other day at least, just so that your body can get used to the new workout. Then after a week, gauge from there if you can up the frequency. Of course though, it will always be a case to case basis. So just always be honest with yourself since you know your body the best.”

Train three to four times in your first week and you’ll already notice improved endurance, stronger legs, and even weight loss, shared coach Aya.

If you want to try indoor cycling, then drop by Cyclehouse at 8F Padilla Building, F. Ortigas Jr Rd, Ortigas. Be sure to them on Instagram (@cyclehousemnl) and on Facebook for updates. You can also reserve a spot in class at www.cyclehouse.com.ph!

Photos via Elite Boxing and Muay Thai and Cyclehouse MNL

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