Fight Tested: Muay Thai gloves and more from UFC Train PH

fight tested ufc train ph

Fight Tested: UFC Train PH striking gear.

“Protect yourself at all times,” it’s said before every fight, but it should also be said before each training session. In a high-impact sport like MMA, you’ll need equipment that not only helps you perform better but also keeps you well-protected.

When it comes to striking, your choice of handwraps, gloves, and mouthguards can help increase your safety in training. UFC Train PH recently launched its new line of products, so we decided to Fight Test their wraps, gloves, and mouthguards.

All UFC Train PH items are tried and tested at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, so our expectations were pretty high. Here’s what we found.

Some wraps aren’t elastic enough to conform to the shape of your hand, leaving blisters on your knuckles. On the flipside, other wraps aren’t long enough to give your hand enough protection. Those aren’t concerns with the wraps we tried from UFC Train. At 4.5 meters long, the UFC Contender Mexican hand wraps (P499) can provide your wrist, thumb, knuckles, and entire hand with ample support and protection. The fabric is also thick, flexible, and durable, easily conforming to the shape of your hand. These wraps are available in black, red, or blue.

12 oz. Muay Thai gloves
We look for three things when we try on gloves:

  • Fit
  • Breathability
  • Wrist support

UFC Train’s 12 oz. Muay Thai gloves (P2,599) ticked all the boxes. The fit was snug with a fully wrapped hand, the mesh in the palm-side of the glove provided breathability, and the wrist strap provided ample support even while throwing power shots. Lately, it’s become a fad to have several straps for extra wrist support, but they can eat up your time taking them off and removing them agin between rounds. With the UFC Train gloves, you just need to secure one strap quickly, and you’re good to go.

We tried the Opro Self-Fit UFC Mouthguard Silver (P960) and it was solid. There was no difficultly breathing while using it and you felt like your pearly whites were well protected. It also came in a plastic mini-Octagon case, which is pretty cool. UFC mouthguards range from P340 to P1,650 and come in adult and youth sizes. Some also offered with a Snap-Fit feature, meaning you don’t have to boil them in hot water before using them.


These are just some of the items that UFC Train PH offers, but so far, we like what we see. UFC Train PH items can be found in Landmark and Olympic Village stores. You can also check out more of their products on Facebook and Instagram.

Shot on location at UFC GYM Vertis North
Products modelled by Mikey Roxas and AA Dolor

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