#FightLikeAGirl self-defense tips to live by

Last week, I attended Dojo Drifter’s #FightLikeAGirl campaign launch out of curiosity and walked away with lessons I’ll never forget.

I attended the campaign launch at Functional Fitness, Podium because I wanted to learn something new. I was looking for a new hobby, which could be MMA or something. I’ve also been thinking of giving Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) a try.

When the program officially started, I got more than I had expected. I thought we’d just learn the basics of self-defense, and we did. But more than that, I learned at the #FightLikeAGirl launch that, as a women, I can really be strong, defend myself.

This was largely in thanks to the strong, confident, and knowledgeable women who led the event: Paui Pena, Annie Ramirez, Geli Bulaong, Meggie Ochoa, and others.

flagHere are some self-defense lessons I learned that you can pick up from as well:

The goal is to get out
The first rule is to get out–safely and quickly. This was emphasized by the instructors: Your goal is not to kill, but to stay alive. So don’t stand there and try to apply all the techniques you know; run and call for help as soon as you can.

Nothing beats good training
You cannot learn self-defense overnight. You need to train these techniques repetitively for them to become second nature. After all, when you’re in an actual attack, you don’t have time to think about what technique to use or wonder if you’re doing it right. You need to practice and better yet, keep learning from experts.

It’s best to be prepared
Sometimes, only you can protect yourself. Everyone should learn self-defense because it is inevitable that you will be alone. No man should ever try to hurt a woman. Nevertheless, it pays to be prepared.

Fight smart to survive
To fight like a girl is to fight smart. Chances are, a man can overpower you because he’s naturally bigger and stronger, so you must rely on your smarts to survive. Avoid dark, isolated places, and be wary of your surroundings. And in an altercation, fight smart: don’t try to match your assailant’s strength. Instead, use proper technique and attack his vital areas. Keep techniques simple and effective, and you’re that much closer to surviving an attack.

Judy Marie Santiago

Judy Marie Santiago

Judy is an adventure-seeker and blogger who aims to build a healthier Philippines as a part of Unilab Philippines.
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