Flyweight introduces a new kind of boxing in BGC

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If you’re looking for a different kind boxing in BGC, then check this out.

Boredom, redundancy, lack of direction—these are some of the excuses (err..reasons) why many people fail to workout on a regular basis. But with the new “Boutique Boxing” experience at Flyweight in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, you won’t encounter any of these problems.

Before we continue, let’s answer the most obvious question: What the heck is Boutique Boxing? As Flyweight Operations Chief Enzo Tanedo explains: “It’s boutique in the sense that a lot of attention and care are put into the workout and after the workout,” he says. “The music, the mood, the lighting goes into it. We’re creating an environment for you and you don’t need to be a hardcore fighter; anyone with any level of fitness can enjoy this.”

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True enough, the gym isn’t like your run of the mill boxing facility. It’s very clean and you’re provided with your own set of hand wraps and boxing gloves during its group classes. You also get your own 6-foot punching bag for your workout and a fresh towel afterward, allowing you to focus on one thing: working out.

Bells and whistles aside, the type of workout you’ll get at Flyweight is legit. The program here was inspired by group “bag classes” in the US where, for about an hour, you’ll be working continuously in a class setting, throwing punch combinations given by the instructor. Your instructor will also throw in some lunges, shuffles, sit-ups, leg raises, burpees, and other exercises to give you a full body workout.

The Flyweight experience

We paid a visit to Flyweight to see what it was all about, and we walked away sweaty and satisfied.

The workout here will really get your heart pumping and work different muscles groups in your body, burning up to 700-800 calories in under an hour. Plus, you get the added benefit of taking out some stress on the heavy bag.

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Imagine this combo: Jab-straight-hook-burpee-uppercut-hook. Then you do that 10 straight times before going to the next combination. You’ll do that for around 50 mins, and it’s exhausting in the best way possible. Yeah, you might not see Connor McGregor doing this workout to prepare for his fights, but for anyone looking for a dynamic cardio workout that isn’t boring, this could be what you’re looking for.

The classes have the community vibe of a CrossFit box, the music and mood of a Spinning class, and the movements of a Tai Bo class (done more intensely, though, and with an actual punching bag). So it puts together all the right elements to give you a unique workout experience.

If you want to try it for yourself, then message Enzo Tanedo at enzo@flyweightph or Andy Banson at to schedule a session. For more info, you can check out or

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