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MMA fighters are praised for their guts and ability to step inside a steel cage for an all out war, and at Extreme Fitness Club and MMA Gym, you can train like your MMA idols in an actual steel octagon.

As we’ve learned from fighters like Randy Couture, how you use the cage in an MMA fight can spell the difference between winning and losing. That makes this gym in Don Antonio Heights a great place to train at. I’ve been to many martial arts gyms but this was the first one I had seen that had an actual cage. The grappling here is no-gi, making it perfect for MMA. On the flip side though, this isn’t the place for you if you’re looking for some with-gi training. The grappling and MMA programs here are held by Submission Sport Philippines under URCC fighter Erwin Tagle.

Located on the 3rd Floor E.K. building, the cage is found in a covered balcony that is very well ventilated. The cage has soft rubber matting and is the perfect surface for ground fighting. Outside the cage is a matted floor area with punching bags for striking practice.

What I like most about this gym (aside from the sick looking cage of course) is the fact that there isn’t any membership fee. While some grappling clubs charge around P2.5k in membership fees on top of a P2k+ monthly training fee, you don’t encounter such a problem in the grappling lessons at Extreme Fitness. This facility also offers boxing training and gym access (the machines here are also kick-ass), separate from the MMA fees, of course.
I haven’t trained here myself, but I’ve heard some good things about the place. After all, Erwin Tagle and Submission Sport Philippines are no jokes when it comes to grappling and MMA. So if you’re looking for a gym to train at, this may be the place for you.

Rates (not updated):
350Php/ 2hr session
2,000Php/ 8 sessions a month
2,500Php/ 10 sessions a month

For more information, check their facebook out at or

Gab Pangalangan

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