Girl Next Door: Mirtle Gimenez

Standing 5’6″ and with a knockout smile, UFC Octagon Girl Search finalist Mirtle Keith Gimenez doesn’t have trouble standing out from the crowd.

Gimenez was a Bb. Pilipinas aspirant in 2014 and is no stranger to the spot light. However, she admits that trying to become a UFC Octagon Girl is a whole other ball game.

“This is a very new experience to me,” she admits. “I feel very excited but nervous. Honestly, the other finalists have more experience [than I do]. My only experience was in Bb. Pilipinas and that was a very very different field. It’s challenging to get that sexy smile,” she says with a laugh. “You have to get rid of your Ms. Universe smile and learn to smile sexy. It’s something new.”

“New” is the theme of Gimenez’s UFC journey, and that’s what she believes will set her apart from her fellow finalists.

“I’m a new face for everyone, and that’s good: something new. I’m also willing to take on all the challenges that are given to me. It’s challenging for me to have that sexy image, but I’m willing to take on that challenge.”

Despite all these changes, Gimenez remains down to earth, and she’s relishing her journey toward becoming a UFC Octagon Girl.

Ngayon palang, I’m experiencing new things. It’s very overwhelming but I’m also enjoying it. This is not about getting famous; it’s about making connections. I’m getting to open new doors and meet new people and that’s what I really love.”

Furthering her career seems like only an added bonus for Gimenez, who’s the eldest of six siblings. Fondly referred to as Sissy by her brothers and sisters, Gimenez’s goals don’t stray too far away from home.

“I’m the typical panganay,” explains Gimenez. “I usually hang out with my three little sisters and make sure to spend time with them on weekends. I always make sure I’m a good role model to my siblings. So every time I’m in QC, I make sure that they do their homework and that I get to spend time with them and teach them. During weekends, we also love to video ourselves singing, which you can see all over my Facebook page. Music is a passion of mine because my dad loves music. I’m not that gifted when it comes to singing, but I still love it,” she says with a laugh.

Gimenez remains humble, but she has big plans for 2015, starting with becoming the next UFC Octagon Girl alongside Arianny Celeste at UFC Manila on May 16.

“I told myself that 2015 is my year. I have to eat healthy and take good care of myself. I’ve been going to the gym for 2-hour sessions, 4 days a week after my work shift and it’s very addictive.

“2015 is my year and it would mean a lot to become the next UFC Octagon Girl.” 

Photos by Jonathan De Jesus

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