The GSP Sweepstakes: Why Bisping is the best choice

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Georges St.-Pierre, aka GSP, says that he’s heading back to the Octagon, and he wants to face Michael Bisping in his return bout. Considering GSP’s options, “The Count” is the ideal choice.

Former long-time welterweight champ GSP has been teasing at a return for a long time now, but he recently made the news official on The MMA Hour, telling host Ariel Helwani that he wants back in the Octagon. The French-Canadian also says that middleweight champ Bisping is his first choice for his comeback fight, proving once again why GSP is one of the smartest fighters in the cage.

Here’s a look at some of GSP’s options for his UFC return, and why Bisping is the best choice among them.

Either Diaz brothernick and nate diazA rematch with Nick Diaz or a battle with his brother Nate would no doubt fill seats and sell pay-per-views. However, these would be high risk, mid-tier reward for GSP. Yeah, he’d make one hell of a payday, but the Diaz bros present plenty of problems stylistically for GSP, given their pressure, boxing, and BJJ. Is a big payday worth getting slapped for? Maybe not for the returning former champ.

Robbie Lawlerrobbie lawler

It’s kind of odd that, despite GSP being the former welterweight king, he isn’t calling out the man who now holds his belt: “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler. But we don’t blame St.-Pierre. Lawler has been on a tear lately. His conditioning and ferocity are on a whole new level now and they complement his powerful strikes and solid wrestling. Additionally, Lawler vs. GSP wouldn’t nearly be as big a draw as GSP vs. a Diaz bro, Bisping, or this next guy…

Anderson Silvasilva-gsp

Before GSP left the game and before Silva got KOd, broke his leg, tested positive for PEDs, and lost to Bisping, this was the superfight everyone wanted to see. And 2016 could be the year that we finally see this fight materialize. However, many things have changed since these two were at their prime; maybe GSP vs. Silva is no longer the “superfight” that people want to see.

Michael Bispingmichael bisping

GSP says he wants the biggest fights out there (he was even reportedly eying a fight with Conor McGregor, but Nate Diaz swooped in and killed those plans), and this might just be the big one he’s been waiting for.

First off, GSP matches up well against Bisping stylistically. The Brit isn’t a very physically imposing middleweight and GSP’s athleticism can actually pay off against him. St.-Pierre will also have the wrestling advantage in this fight and wouldn’t have to worry much about Bisping’s attacks from bottom once he gets the fight to the ground, which is something he’s really good at.

Styles aside, this would likely be a massive payday for both men. If the UFC were to hold this event in either Manchester or Canada, then attendance records would most probably be shattered.

And if the high chance of winning and the big bucks aren’t enough to get GSP revved up for this fight, then maybe this will: Beating Bisping would make him only the third fighter in history to hold UFC belts in two different weight classes. He would also edge out Bisping for the most wins in the UFC, as they are currently tied in that category.

Pulling this off doesn’t just mean a truck-load of money in GSP’s pocket; it means another belt and arguably the status of “Greatest of all Time.”

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