Herbert Burns wants his title shot, with or without Gafurov in the picture

Herbert Burns

After claiming 5 straight victories, top featherweight Herbert Burns is clamoring for his title shot.

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#1588db” txt_color=”#ffffff”]T[/mks_dropcap]he undefeated Brazilian Herbert Burns sees that the chances of his title fight with reigning ONE FC 145-pound champ Marat Gafurov are slimmer after the promotion implemented a new weight-cutting system that bans dehydration.

Since Burns believes that Gafurov is large for the featherweight division, he says that the champ would have to move up by not one, but two divisions. This makes their match-up virtually impossible. Despite this, he wants to fight for the belt in the soonest time possible.

“I know that Marat, he’s got like 7 to 8kgs to cut one day before the fight (to reach the featherweight limit). That’s more than 70kgs, so he can’t make featherweight,” Herbert Burns told Dojo Drifter.

“He needs to go up two divisions, not only one because he’ll get dehydrated in the sauna for the last 8kgs. He’ll reach 72kg on a really bad diet, so how will he be able to fight at 70kg if he has to do that without dehydration?”

Meanwhile, Burns is expected to move up to lightweight as per weight cut rules. He mentioned, “My walking weight is 74kg and it’s not a hard cut for me, I can make 70kg like easy. Two weeks, I make 70kg on a normal diet. I don’t need to dehydrate or anything. Just train, cut the ice cream, and I’m 70kg, done.”

The Brazilian has been open to fighting “The Cobra” back then and has called him out. He remains puzzled why he’s left to compete in non-title bouts despite going undefeated. His last victory over knockout artist Timofey Natsyukhin further solidified his case as the top contender.

He believes that he should get at least one title shot given the calibre of opponents he defeated. Herbert Burns doesn’t see why a rematch between Gafurov and then-champ Narantungalag Jadambaa should take place after the Russian choked out the Mongolian to unify the belts last November in China at “Dynasty of Champions.” [mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#1588db” txt_color=”#ffffff”]“I have this five-fight winning streak. Nobody has done that except Bibiano”[/mks_pullquote]“When Jadambaa fought Marat, Jadambaa went to sleep. It wasn’t even close. He didn’t tap, he passed out and they said they’re looking for a rematch. How can they look for a rematch if it wasn’t even a close fight? The guy got submitted,” Burns recalled the unification fight. “And you look at me. I have this five-fight winning streak. Nobody has done that except Bibiano (Fernandes) who has six wins in ONE.  And his fights were (against) good fighters, they’re not bums. They’re fighters with real records or former champions.”

“The Blaze” has just returned to Asia after training at the Blackzilians camp in Boca Raton where his brother and UFC lightweight, Gilbert is based, in addition to his trip back in his hometown in Niteroi, working with Jose Aldo’s striking coach, Emerson Falcao and Thales Leites.

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Now in Thailand to further sharpen his skills, Burns said he will wait for his well-deserved title shot. With all that he has gone through, there is no turning back. He vows to stop at nothing until he reaches his goal–gold around his waist.

“I think they don’t know that, but I’m better under pressure.” He added, “More pressure, just give me more pressure. Just like a diamond you know? You need to put a lot of pressure on a diamond so they can shine brighter. That’s like me.”

“I’m waiting for them to give me a date. Just give me a date, they know what I want. I want to fight for the title.”

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