Holly Holm responds to Cyborg’s call outs and USADA complaints

Looks like Holly Holm is starting to get tired of Cyborg’s complaining.

The former UFC bantamweight title-holder has shared her thoughts on Cris Cyborg’s recent complaints on social media about her getting tested by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) more often than other fighters. In Holm’s recent Instagram post (which has since been deleted), she took a moment to give her take on the newly minted women’s featherweight champion.

“So apparently there was a little bit of drama today because the USADA went to Cyborg’s house, and I know I’ve been a topic of interest a lot on her social media, and I don’t mind,” Holm said in the video. “Fighters trying to promote and hype fights, and that’s fine. But let’s be real for a minute.”

“She said she’s being tested by USADA and wants me to be tested just as much, and she probably should have looked at the public records on the USADA webpage and seen I’ve been tested nine times compared to her eight.”

I've actually just wasted a minute of my life on this video.

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The two fighters are primed to face each other as Cyborg is looking to defend her title against Holm. However, there are no official announcement yet. During the UFC 216 post-fight conference, president Dana White expressed optimism for the matchup to happen.

As for Holm, her getting tested often is no big deal, as it is part of the UFC’s partnership with USADA. And as far as the Team Jackson-Wink fighter is concerned, she’d rather spend her time working in the gym rather than pointing fingers.

“I’m in no race, and I really don’t care. I just know I can complete clean and they can test me all the time. So I just never needed an applause for passing my tests.”

“In the mean time, I’ll just spend my time training, and she can spend her time complaining and making false accusations and false memes.”

You can check USADA’s testing history here.

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