‘Kid Tornado’ is the youngest Filipino fighter to hold an international title

In December of last year, a young Filipino fighter named Fritz Aldin Biagtan was invited to compete in Singapore for the inaugural Singapore Fighting Championship (SFC) flyweight title.

Heading to this contest as the visiting fighter, Biagtan was greatly undermined. He was pitted against Garie Tang, a gold medalist in wrestling who also owned an undefeated record of 3 wins and no defeat.

“This fight was very tough for me because I attend school and go to work at the same time. Aside from that, I had to put in the time for training, so there’s really a lot of pressure,” said Biagtan.

With the resolve of a true fighter, “Kid Tornado” knew he has to come prepared in spite the odds stacked against him. He watched tapes of Tang’s previous fights and studied his fighting style. “I know my opponent is strong because he’s undefeated. He’s also a skillful wrestler that owns a gold medal in wrestling. This made me anxious before the fight, but I have watched his videos and studied his style. And then I drew my strength to win for the country because I have to make the Philippines proud.”

Any fighter competing against a hometown hero is almost certain to hear jeers and insults from the fans. With his first international fight unfolding before his eyes, Biagtan felt how awful it was to be sneered. At the same, he felt encouragement from the Filipinos watching from the stands.

“When we arrived at the weigh-ins, I was surprised because a lot of people attended. There were Filipinos who came out and cheered for me. But I’ve heard this one group of locals in the crowd shouting ‘easy money, easy money’. Even when I was warming up prior to the fight, I could hear some people from my opponent’s camp say comments on how I look like an easy win.”

Fritz "Kid Tornado" Biagtan trains and teaches Muay Thai in Biagtan MMA Gym.
Fritz “Kid Tornado” Biagtan trains and teaches Muay Thai in Biagtan MMA Gym.

Focused despite the insults, Biagtan knew he had to remain calm. He told himself, “I don’t like how these people think about Filipinos that we can be easily defeated. You will all be surprised to see what I can do when the fight starts.”

The title match went for three full rounds and it turned out to be one of the most thrilling matches on the card. The fighters went back-and-forth to the delight of the audience.

Biagtan humbly admitted, “I didn’t plan to win that day and bring home the title. I just want to showcase my skills as a Filipino fighter.” His performance received applause from the local fans and more importantly the vote of the judges. He won the title via unanimous decision.

“I was happy because a lot of Filipinos watched the fight. The judges were impressed because they have seen Garie Tang fight before and he really dominated his opponents on the ground. They said that my defense was very good and I was able to reverse Garie’s attacks on the ground.”

An anticipated rematch was set last June on Malaysian Invasion MMA’s event called “Mixed Martial A’rr”, but it didn’t push through with Tang unable to compete. He was already in a grappling training camp prior to the event.

“I was disappointed because I trained hard for the rematch. One week before the fight, I was told that Garie Tang can’t compete. I flew to Malaysia because my father teaches in a gym there, so it was a good opportunity for me to train to different grappling and Jiu-jitsu techniques. Since I won’t be able to fight, I just enjoyed the vacation on a cruise ship and I took the time to relax.”

Here’s the full video of the title fight courtesy of Singapore Fighting Championship.

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