A take on Kiko Matos, keyboard warriors, and the willingness to try

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George Carlos Pastor (aka GCP) gives his take on Kiko Matos, keyboard warriors, and the importance of being willing to try.

It was recently announcement that Filipino actor Kiko Matos wanted to get into the cage again, this time against a legitimate amateur fighter. After being part of a celebrity exhibition match against fellow actor Baron Geisler held in the recent URCC event, it seems that Matos developed a taste for the sport.

Was it the draw decision against Geisler that keeps him interested in fighting again? Maybe it was the training leading up to the fight. Or maybe it was the thrill of the fight. It doesn’t really matter: He got hooked, and that’s great.

But apparently, trying something new, something that you’re not particularly good at yet, is a laughable thing, at least according to some people.

Magiging punching bag lang yang Matos. Di nga marunong sumontok eh. Marami pa siyang kakaining bigas,” said one person.

“Well, well. After making 5 or 6 digits in his previous fight, there’s no surprise in this. I’m looking forward to another sh*tshow this MMA poser is about to make,” commented another.

Wag na! Mag training nalang kayo pano mag gupit at mag manicure! Pa-URCC pa kayo,” echoed another MMA fan in disapproval.

baron geisler kiko matosNever mind that Matos’ next bout is going to be an amateur match, which people seem to have overlooked, or that it’s going to be against a legitimate opponent this time; not an actor. Apparently, you’re not allowed to suck at something first before you get good.

And yet, looking at the personal accounts of some of these commenters, I get to see one common trait: None of them seem to have ever competed in any form of martial arts.

It was one thing to see two celebrities go at it in an exhibition match. Some agreed with the idea, some didn’t, and that’s fine. But when one of those celebrities chooses to train, fight in an appropriate level of opposition, and get back in the cage, that’s a whole different story. That’s a story of a person deciding for himself, and that’s a testament to how addictive the sport of MMA can be.

And so what if he’s a celebrity? Isn’t that good for business as well? The story makes the fight a draw and it brings in more money for the promotion. It also helps bring in potential future MMA fans to see talented fighters that they may have not yet heard of. It helps bring in a spotlight for other fighters to get exposure to a new crowd. It’s a good business decision.kiko matos baron geisler

In all honesty, I don’t care about the outcome of his next fight. It’s Matos’ first amateur bout. I’ve met people with deeper backgrounds who’ve lost in their ammy days. They turned out okay. It’s perfectly fine to suck at something that you’re not good at. That’s how learning works. That’s how life works.

I remember my first Nationals Judo Juniors tournament. I lost horribly. It was hilarious even when I look back. A few years later, I managed to get the national championship in that category, and the first place in the senior division the following year. It really does take a while to get good at something.

Let’s take the possibility that he does poorly in MMA. So what? He still did more than many keyboard warriors ever hoped to do. He actually stepped inside the cage. And that’s something you can’t take away from him.

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