Legacy MMA back to regular programming after re-opening of Boracay beach

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Boracay is open, and so is Legacy MMA.

The six-month rehab of Boracay beach is finally over, and it has re-opened to tourists from around the globe. This is great news for us tourists, but it’s even better news for the businesses in Boracay.

Take Legacy Boracay MMA, for example, the MMA gym run and owned by Filipino-Danish fighter Ole Laursen. According to Laursen, 70 percent of the gym’s clients come from abroad, so the closing and rehab of the beach posed some major financial concerns for the gym. However, Legacy still kept its doors open, knowing that Boracay locals still go to their gym to train.

It wasn’t an easy time for the gym, but Laursen has always supported the rehabilitation of Boracay.

“Whenever I go away for a couple of months, I see the change [when I return],” he said. “The traffic is getting more and more. Hotels are being built too close to the ocean and to the road. There’s even people that started building huge projects without permits.”

“I’m one of those guys who’s for this island renewal and for them to fix the things and widen the roads,” he concluded. “This whole thing is for the betterment of Boracay.”

Lo and behold, Boracay has re-opened, and already the tourists are pouring in, which is exactly what Legacy gym needs.

For those looking to get quality boxing, grappling, Muay Thai, and MMA training, here’s how you can find Legacy Gym Boracay:

Gab Pangalangan

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