Low blows prove costly on Ishihara-Dy scorecards

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A look at the Ishihara-Dy scorecards reveals just how costly Dy’s low blows were.

Earlier today, Japan’s Teruto Ishihara took on the Philippines’ Rolando Dy on the main card of UFC Saitama. The fight was action packed, and Ishihara took home the unanimous decision victory (28-27, 28-27, 29-27) to snap a two-fight losing streak.

However, a look at the scorecards reveals that the fight could’ve ended in a draw had Dy not landed a low blow in the third round.

Round one was fairly one-sided, with Ishihara knocking Dy down and punishing him on the ground with strikes and threatening with submissions. This yielded a 10-8 round in favor of the Japanese fighter on all three score cards.

In the second round, Dy found his rhythm, landing some good high kicks and left hooks, sealing the round 10-9 in the eyes of all three judges. The problem was: He landed a low blow in that round that brought the action to a pause, which would become a factor later on in the fight.

In the third round, Dy and Ishihara exchanged solid strikes with two judges scoring the round in favor of Dy. However, due to two more low blows in that round, Dy was deducted one point on every score card.

With that, the final score cards were:

Ishihara vs Dy scorecards

Had Dy not landed that third low blow, then he wouldn’t have been deducted a point, and the scorecards would’ve been 28-28, 29-27 for Ishihara, 28-28–a Majority Draw.

Instead, Dy will have to settle for his second consecutive loss in the UFC. Notably, in the second fight in a row, he proved that he’s an exciting fighter who can hold his own even against seasoned UFC talent.

After the fight, Ishihara complimented Dy to be a “strong striker.” He also said he knew the low blows were unintentional.

I came into this fight after a two fight losing streak, I wasn’t going to let this one slip. Couldn’t have been more appreciative of the fans here, they gave me the support I needed to win the fight. I’m just happy I won. His striking didn’t surprise me much, but he’s a strong striker. Kicks to my groin area weren’t intentional, I’m sure of it. I still have a lot of skills to showcase for the fans. I’ll go back to the drawing board with my coach, Yusaku Nakaramura, I’ll make sure to put on a better performance next time.”

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