MMA Gym Review: Elorde Boxing Katipunan

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Looking for a place to bring out your inner Pac-man? Then check out Elorde Boxing Gym, Katipunan, where you can jab and weave your way into a fitner and better you.

It’s no secret that the Philippines has had a long-standing love affair with “the sweet science” known as boxing. Ever since the reign of legends like Gabriel “Flash” Elorde to the dominant performances of current fighters like pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and three-division champ Nonito Dinaire, Pinoys have always loved boxing. This sport has even made a significant impact in the world of MMA. In the UFC, many pro-boxers like Marcus Davis and Chris Lytle have crossed over into MMA, utilizing their boxing to great success. On the other hand, decorated grapplers, like BJ Penn and Randy Couture, have added boxing to their fight arsenal, helping them reach the top of their divisions. Boxing may be old school, but it’s still damn effective and it’s definitely not dead. The popularity of both boxing and MMA in our country has encouraged many fighters, fighter-wannabes, and fitness buffs to flock to boxing gyms around the country. One of the most popular among these gyms is Elorde Boxing.

There are over a dozen Elorde Boxing centers around the Philippines, and after training at Elorde Boxing Katipunan, I realized why the gym came so highly recommended by friends and web ads. This training facility offers real-deal trainers, quality equipment, and a training program for people of all skill and fitness levels. It doesn’t have any fixed classes, which is ideal for walk-in customers whose schedules aren’t as loose as they’d like them to be. Whether you’re young, old, male, female, looking to lose weight or looking to kick some arse: Elorde is a great place to start learning how to box.

Before getting started, make sure you’re in or that you bring proper sports attire (complete with rubber shoes and socks). Bring an extra towel and change of clothes—you’re gonna sweat like crazy—and plenty of water. The gym lends hand wraps and gloves for free, but they’re usually bathed in the sweat of many trainees before you, so I suggest you bring your own for hygiene purposes. If you intend on sparring and you value your teeth, you might want to bring a mouth guard . Wraps, gloves, and mouth guards can be bought at the front desk, but you could find more affordable ones at the nearest mall.

For first-timers: when you enter, pick a discipline (boxing, Muay Thai, MMA), package (10-session package, walk-in rate, etc)and pay. After which a boxing instructor will be assigned to you. He will assist you in you warm up (jogging, jumping rope and stretching) and in wrapping your hands (very important for keeping your hands protected). After this, you’ll move on to three to four rounds (depending on your trainer and fitness level) of the following exercises: target mitts for combinations and footwork, speed bag for speed and timing, heavy bag for combinations and power, and double end bag for rhythm and timing. Each round is three (3) minutes long with one (1) minute rest between each round. Depending on your pace, endurance and trainer’s ability to keep track of time, you’ll do all of these drills again. You’re cooling down process will begin with a weaving drill and end with 200++ repetitions of abdominal exercises. To end your hour or so of slugging it out, your trainer will give you a good full-body stretch and mini-massage for about 5-10mins. After such a work out, you’ll be hooked on boxing for good, and you’ll have a new found respect for boxers everywhere.

When it comes to tipping your trainer: it’s not required but it’s a good token of appreciation. And some advice on the killer ab drills: “walang aayaw, tink pasitib!” Don’t be afraid to push yourself to the limit. If you’re trainer challenges you to do more reps or a harder exercise, welcome the pain! It’ll be worth it.

Elorde, Katipunan also teaches Muay Thai and Grappling. It also has a weights area that you can make use of after your striking session for as long as you want/ can.

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