ONE champ DSA confident in a Doliguez rematch, ready for challengers

At the inaugural ONE Strawweight title bout last May in Singapore, Evolve MMA’s Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke and Roy Doliguez from Submission Sport Philippines put on a show for the fans. The Filipino came out relentless with slick takedown attempts, but in the end, the decorated Muay Thai fighter ended up on top.

“I’m very happy and honoured to be Thailand’s first-ever MMA world champion”, said Amnuaysirichoke in an interview with Dojo Drifter.

He added, “The country has a rich history in Muay Thai and I hope that this is just the start of many more MMA World Champions to come. After my fight, I did take a break back in Thailand and I caught up with my family and friends and they were all very excited for me — especially my family and my first Muay Thai coach. I will be forever grateful to my family and my teammates for helping me out throughout my career.”

It is an imperative task for any striker to learn a new set of skills just to compete in MMA, let alone fight for an inaugural title. But, with DSA’s championship pedigree and elite teammates at Evolve, it has become quite a wonderful part of his fighting career.

“Having been training and competing in Muay Thai since I was a young kid, I feel very comfortable with my stand-up game. However, transitioning into MMA requires you to be comfortable on the ground as well and that is where my teammates on the Evolve Fight Team aided me the most.”

DSA wins the inaugural ONE Championship strawweight in Singapore
DSA wins the inaugural ONE Championship strawweight in Singapore

In his training camp he recalled, “The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champions and high-level wrestlers such as Leandro Issa, Bruno Pucci, Shinya Aoki, Heath Sims, Jake Butler and many others constantly push me hard during each training session. They are tough but yet very patient in ensuring that I learn different takedowns and submission.”

Now that he’s the top 115-pound fighter in Asia, different fighters from neighboring countries, especially Japan and Korea, surely have their eyes set on the gold around his waist. Since he’s still evolving his MMA game with Jiu-jitsu and wrestling, it can expose some of his weaknesses.

With this he calmly replied, “I handle pressure relatively well and I understand that being the ONE Strawweight world champion means that I will undoubtedly have a target painted on me. I am always ready to defend my title and I will gladly fight against anyone and everyone to ensure I remain the champion.”

As for a rematch with Doliguez, he said, “Roy and myself definitely gave our all when we fought for the inaugural title earlier this year. I respect him as a fighter and I respect his abilities so I am open for a rematch against him. However, I will fight anyone that the matchmakers at ONE Championship put in front of me.”

Don Gaoiran

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