PHOTOS: Dojo Drifter’s “Fight Like A Girl” launch

Fight Like a Girl-Dojo Drifter-Mike Miguel

Dojo Drifter’s women empowerment campaign called “Fight Like a Girl” was launched successfully in Functional Fitness, The Podium.

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#1588db” txt_color=”#ffffff”]L[/mks_dropcap]ast September 15, empowered women showed their toughness and signed up for the Fight Like a Girl campaign.
BJJ practitioners Annie Ramirez, Paui Peña, and MMA fighter Geli Bulaong demonstrated various self-defense techniques for in attendance. The focus of these techniques was to fend off attackers and stay clear from harmful situations.

The event was capped off with words from Meggie Ochoa, three-time world BJJ champion, and her encouragement for women to rise up to any adversity. “Fight like a girl” to me means to fight with strength amidst adversity, heart amidst discouragement, and passion amidst oppression,” said Ochoa. “To fight like a girl is to fight even when all odds are against you,” she added.

Dojo Drifter would like to thank Uber, Diet Diva, Under Armour, and Red Bull and to the gym partners Functional Fitness, Origins BJJ, Project Lifestyle Manila, and Fight Factory.

Check out the photos from this event from Dojo Drifter’s Mike Miguel.

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