Pinoy Jiu-jiteiro proposes while rolling

This Pinoy Jiu-jiteiro decided to propose while rolling, but he didn’t get the reaction he was expecting.

For you guys out there planning to propose to your girl, you could always do the whole candle-lit dinner thing then get down on one knee to pop the big question; you can’t go wrong with a classic move. But then again, you could always just apply a full mount pin on her and wait til she gets the sweep. After all, nothing says romance like being sweaty and tired as you’re being pinned by someone twice your size.

That’s what Jethro Karl Yu did while rolling with Jai Baga, his girlfriend of over 5 years, and it was the result of some careful planning.

“Mga a couple of weeks pa po ako nag-plan,” shares Jethro. “Kasama pa nga kami with a friend naghanap ng ring, [Jai] was thinking it was for our friend, pero hinuhuli lang namin ng kaibigan ko kung ano trip nya.”

With that, during a training session at Deftac Davao, Jethro coaxed a teammate to hand him the ring before sparring with Jai. He says it made sense for him to propose on the mat, since that’s where he and Jai spend a lot of their time together.

“Me and Jai have been practicing BJJ for quite some time (3 years) and rolling on the mats is like a date na rin sa amin,” he says. “I thought: What better way to surprise her than through one of the things we enjoy the most?”

It sounded like a solid plan, but he was shocked when Jai threw the jewelry box at his head after he had proposed.

“Nabigla ako nung binato niya yung box sa face ko,” shares Jethro. “Akala ko mare-reject ako, eh buti na lang sinagot niya rin po ako.”

Turns out, Jai’s reaction was just a result of mixed emotions (and a bit of competitiveness).

“When Jet got the chance to mount me, I felt really crushed–almost 100kgs on my chest and face, and I could feel his gi rubbing on my face,” she shares. “But when the sweep happened, he was already holding a jewelry box. A part of me was thinking: “My upa (escape) didn’t work. Proposal pala. Binigay lang pala ni Jet yung sweep!”

When the dust settled, however, Jethro got a “yes” from Jai, and he didn’t even have to armbar her first.

bjj couple
Photo via Deftac Davao’s Facebook page

Gab Pangalangan

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