PXC 135-pound title fight scrapped due to Jones’ weight cut complications

Fans will have to wait for Trevin Jones’ first title defense after he was forced to pull out of PXC 56 due to weight cut complications.

The PXC bantamweight title fight between Trevin Jones and Stephen Loman has been called off at the last minute after Jones fell ill while cutting weight.

In an Instagram post, Jones shared what transpired and expressed disappointment of not defending his title. According to him, they have to call off the fight after his teammates saw something unusual in him during the cut.

The PXC champ has also expressed his desire to face Loman in a later date, possibly in the promotion’s Manila card.

“I invested a lot into myself trust me. It’s been a long road. Guys I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Words can’t explain how I feel right now. I wanted this fight. I ask for this fight. I wanted to prove more to myself. And defend my belt ack yo back.” [sic]

With the cancellation, PXC elevated the lightweight title showdown between JJ Ambrose and Takahiro Ishida as the main event.

Here’s Trevin Jones’ statement:

Attention: first off all I'd Like to apologize to Stephen loman and @teamlakay I'd like to apologize to the @pacificxtremecombat and staff. Joey Calvo, Eli Mong ,and Ken San. Also to My supporters ,family and friends. I invested a lot into myself trust me. It's been a long road. Guys I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Words can't explain how I feel right now. I wanted this fight. I ask for this fight. I wanted to prove more to myself. And defend my belt ack yo back. That's what champs do, they step up. I felt you know I was speeding up the process for myself. Man every dog has its day and I always had my days. Unfortunately yesterday wasn't my day. I was cutting weight in the hot tub when all of a sudden my body started giving out on me in a way it never did before. After resting a hour then going back in just barely off weight,trust me. My brothers saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself, as he called the fight off and rush me to the hospital. I don't wanna go tit for tack right now. I'm not posting this to explain to all the people that wanted to see a man go down like this. I don't wish this upon my greatest enemy. This post was truly toward the pxc, Stephen loman, team lakay, friends, Fans and family. Loman right now I'm resting up. this is the best I can do. We can run the fight the following pxc in your home town. I owe that to you and the pxc. I worked hard for the pxc from 0 Amateur fight, to 2-0 amateur, to 10-4 with 3 hard split decision loses, that I believe I won. to be the dame champ. Everything was finally in place. The Ball was rolling. My pay was great. Now I got a 1500 dollar hospital bill. It hurts just to think about all that just happened so fast. All the work I put in for this camp. all the flying. Believe me this is a wake up call for me. I finally get a chance to go over my career step by step and see what went wrong and adjust things now. No disrespect, but you still Have to beat the champ. I'll be back on point. It's evolution. My respect comes first in this situation and I'm only human. i fucked up this time. My first time. I'm Truly sorry, but it's still #warjones all the way. Health is all we got. ?#stayblessed

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Photo courtesy of the Pacific Xtreme Combat

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