PXC champ Jones on first defense: “It’s very important to show that I’m a true champion.”

PXC champ Jones

In his first title defense, Trevin Jones enters PXC 56 with the same mindset when he first stepped inside the Terrordome nearly six years ago.

The long time PXC bantamweight defends his title against Stephen Loman this Saturday. To him, this fight will be no different than his previous ones.

“Every fight, we’re taking in one fight at a time so my title defense is very important.” Jones tells Dojo Drifter about his upcoming fight. “It’s very important to show that I’m a true champion so my title defense is everything.”

Mental conditioning has been the key for Jones. While took over five long years for him to finally got hold of the PXC belt, Jones never lose belief on himself. The 26-year old didn’t gave up chasing his title dreams and patiently putting everything together. It paid off for him, earning a three fight win streak – his longest to date – to capture the vacant title in his most recent fight by defeating former champ Kyle Aguon.

“I haven’t changed things up, it’s more like getting comfortable with myself in there and knowing the things that I actually can and can’t do.” He admits. “And when I can go (for the knockout) or can’t go.”

“So I think it’s more like the experience and getting comfortable with myself. It’s showing inside the cage and it’s making a difference.”

With that, “5 Star” is ready on his first acid test as a champion. He welcomes the challenge from “The Sniper”, describing him as a crafty opponent with a lot of variations in his offense. Yet, he thinks that it won’t be enough for the title to change hands.

“I always work on everything for every fight. Depending on the opponent, I gonna hit some areas a lot harder so definitely we have something planned for Stephen Loman, we definitely have a plan for him. But as far as my opponent, every opponent is a threat, every opponent is tough, he worked his way up and got the title shot.”

“He’s (Loman) got like itchy-kind, wild throws, power, he’s has hard kicks; he tries to wrestle you know, but that would be a hard thing to do with me, you know?” Jones tells about his opponent. “I’m just gonna be more experienced and it’s gonna be a big factor when it comes to a five round fight and I think I’m gonna be too much for him.”

Jones expects a very competitive bout between him with Loman and vows to go all out on Saturday. “You’re gonna expect me to be a lot more agile, with a lot more movement, a lot more flush. But still the same aggression with my striking, power and everything that I bring to the table.”

“And then you have Loman, trying to move maybe, trying for some takedowns and some powerful strikes, feigns. So you’re gonna have a nice, intriguing fight.” He adds, “It’s gonna be who’s gonna impose his style more but you know? It’s gonna be a nice fight for the crowd to see. It’s gonna be nice.”

Photo courtesy of the Pacific Xtreme Combat


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