Red Romero yields to Chinese foe in ROAD FC’s $1 million tournament

Red Romero Baoyincang

Red Romero was the first fighter to enter the ROAD FC $1 million tournament, but opponent Bao Yincang became the first to advance.

Romero was the lone Southeast Asian representative of the tournament. He gave his all in his first overseas fight, but Bao was simply too big and too strong for the Filipino. Romero lost in the second round to open ROAD FC 40’s main card at the Jangchung Stadium in downtown Seoul.

Romero definitely gave up a notable size disadvantage to the Chinese fighter but was able to stand his ground early in the fight. The former URCC featherweight champion was able to land his kicks and even land a well-timed spinning backfist to the Xian Sports University-standout.

Ironically, the backfist was also the beginning of Romero’s demise, as he fell on his back after landing it flush. Bao immediately capitalized on the opportunity with brutal ground and pound. After several unanswered shots, referee Herb Dean had no choice but to end the fight at the 3:14 mark of the second round.

With the victory, Bao advanced into the quarterfinals of the said tournament and improved his record to 11-3. Romero on the other hand, dropped to 12-7.

Photo courtesy of ROAD FC

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