Subora’s middleweight protégé targets an impressive URCC debut


Askar Mozharov, Igor Subora’s middleweight protégé, wants to impress URCC fans in Manila.

Hailing from Ukraine, up-and-coming fighter Askar Mozharov and MMA veteran Igor Subora not only share the same hometown, they also have the same passion for fighting.

When Mozharov learned that Subora is in the Philippines training and fighting in mixed martial arts, he wanted to be in the country and replicate Subora accomplishments.

I want to fight as much as possible and because there are a lot of smaller organizations here

“One of my friends suggested me to come here to the Philippines because the Philippines is like the ‘center of MMA’ right now. “I want to fight as much as possible and because there are a lot of smaller organizations here.”

“I hope I can fight frequently here,” Mozharov tells Dojo Drifter.

Mozharov, Subora’s middleweight protégé, came from Odessa, the same city where Subora came from. He left his country two months ago and found training himself in FIST Gym. Quickly, he found success in his first ever local fight. He emerged victorious via TKO during UGB’s Fight Night last January 7. In no time, he went back to training this time for another fight.

Subora describes Mozharov as a big ball of energy. The 22-year-old fighter is relentless and always wants to compete. Good thing Subora is there to guide his fellow Ukrainian.

“I wished started at his age,” Subora, the current ONE FC light heavyweight fighter jokes.

For Mozharov, his mentor Subora made adapting in the country easier. Subora opened his home to the young fighter. To show gratitude, Mozharov wants to showcase what he’s learned and replicate the former URCC heavyweight champion’s success on Philippine soil.

“Training here has been great. There are a lot of fighters (that) have good experience. I learned a lot of stuff.” Askar adds.

I consider Igor as an older brother.

“I consider Igor as an older brother. He’s a role model to me and he keeps me motivated and as a coach, too, you know? I learn a lot from him.”

Mozharov will face Arvin Chan in his second fight this time in URCC. He knows that Chan is a dangerous fighter despite his past losses, which is why he’s ready to throwdown with ‘Asintado’ and leave a statement.

“First of all, I really respect the guy (Chan) because he doesn’t give up. He’s still pushing, even with the losses and I respect that,” He says.

“There must be a reason that they still keep him in the organization because every time he fights, he fights 100% even though he makes mistakes, but they still let him fight. So I expect a good fight.”

With a victory over the veteran Chan, Mozharov sees to get more fights under the URCC banner. He eyes to have a winning streak and hopefully, challenge 2-division champ Chris Hofmann in either of his belts.

“That’s one of my dreams, to fight for the title. URCC is the biggest organizations in the Philippines so when I win this fight, I would like to challenge Chris Hofmann and I would prepare for that fight.”


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