The Ultimate MMA Gear Guide

MMA is so prevalent in the Philippines that being a fan of the sport isn’t enough; you must experience it for yourself. With that in mind, you’ll need some of the best training equipment available, and we’re here to help you find exactly that.

Whether you’re a newbie looking to try MMA for the first time or a seasoned martial artist ready to kick things up a notch, we’ve got you covered.

Check out Dojo Drifter’s top picks for our Ultimate MMA Gear Guide

Sagupa Sports’ Compression Shirt and Fight ShortsSAGUPABaguio is home to some of the best MMA fighters in the country, and now it has a promising contender in the sports apparel industry. Sagupa Sports is a new clothing brand from Baguio that aims to provide MMA athletes in the Philippines with gear and apparel that’s both high quality and affordable, starting with these releases:

1. Compression Shirt- The Sagupa Compression Shirt is manufactured from high-quality stretch polyester fabric. Lightweight in design, this shirt will fit you like a second skin and its fabric is ensured not to crack or chip. Price: P1,799.00*

2. Signature Fight Shorts- Made with a four-way, high-stretch fabric, these shorts offer you comfortable and unrestricted movement. They also come with a no-slip feature inside the waist panel to keep them snug on your hips; having it slip, ride up, or twist won’t be an issue. Price: P1,999.00*

For more info, visit and Check out these online stores for Sagupa items: and
Origin BJJ’s Custom Gi
origin bjj

With an official retailer in the Philippines, it’s much easier to get a hold of quality Origin BJJ items like their custom kimonos. Thick and durable, this gi will last you throughout comp training and all the way to your podium finish. It comes with a built-in rash guard on its inner layer, guaranteeing chaff-free grappling and absolute comfort.

This kimono also features the Origin BJJ logo on its side (see image A.) and on the upper back portion (see image B.), which comes with a reinforced weave and a shoulder-friendly fit.

For prices and additional product info, you can visit or Origin BJJ Philippines’ official Facebook page at

K-1 Extreme Sports Shop’s Striking Gear
k-1 extremeIf you’re an MMA fan and you’ve never been to K-1 Extreme Sports Shop before, then you’re missing out. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store checking out their items, ranging from punching bags to head gear to kimonos to mouth guards. Here are some choice picks that give great value for your money:

1. Muay Thai Shorts- K-1 Extreme manufactures their own Muay Thai shorts that offer full range of motion for all your kicks. These shorts come in various colors, including blue and black, plain black, green and black, and red and black. Made from satin, they are lightweight, breathable, and won’t stick to your thighs when you get sweaty. Sizes range from small to XXL. Price: P650.00

2. Fairtex Gloves- Available in 12oz-16oz, Fairtex gloves will have you punching like Pacman in no time. With sturdy wrist support, these gloves will help prevent any untoward wrist injuries. They’re also easy to slip into and strap on thanks to their velcro straps. Price: P3,700.00-P5,200.00

3. Grey Camouflage Hand Wraps- In physically demanding sports like boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, safety should always come first. Using 180-inch hand wraps from K-1 Extreme would be a good start. These wraps come in different designs and colors and are easy to roll up even after a wash.

You can locate K-1 Extreme at 14 Granada, Ortigas Ave., Cor. Santolan Rd, San Juan, or at Unit 2, Ground floor, South of Market Bldg. 25th st., cor 11th avenue, BGC. For inquiries, call 726-4681 (Ortigas) or 8310564 (Fort BGC). To learn more about their items, visit or

Manila Kimono’s Thrilla 2
manila kimono

Sturdy, lightweight, and with a dash of Filipino flare: What’s not to love? The Thrilla 2 is made with a 450 gsm pearl weave and pre-shrunk material, meaning it will fit you nicely even after the first wash. Ideal for both regular training and competition, this gi offers rip stop pants, which features an 8-loop system with a bungee chord, and kevlar stitching for extra durability.

The Thrilla 2 comes with a nap sack (see image A.). Price: 5,800.00

For more Manila Kimono products, you can visit or

Bravest Clothing’s Mandirigma Shirt
The Philippines’ own Bravest Clothing (BRVST) has been giving a local spin to MMA clothing for a while now, and their latest release is no different. The Mandirigma tee pays homage to the warrior spirit of the Filipino. Made from cotton and featuring the BRVST logo on the upper back (see image A.), this shirt will treat you to comfort and style all rolled into one.

For more BRVST clothing, visit them on and

Orangahang Pro and Orangahang Convertible

If you train in Judo or (gi) Jiu-jitsu, then these might be your new best friends. Orangahangs from Origin BJJ are designed to develop your grip strength for gi grappling. Made from the same material as a kimono, these items will help you better prepare for the rigors of training and competition.

1. Orangahang Pro- Provided as a pair for both left and right hand grips, the Orangahang Pro can turn several exercises into a grappling-specific workout. Very strong and highly durable, these can be hooked up to a cable machine or to suspension trainers like the TRX.

2. Orangahang Convertible- Simpler in design but likewise effective and versatile, the Orangahang Convertible provides the benefits of the Pro but without the extra slack. You can use them for dead lifts; you can also hook their loops (each has six loops) to a resistance band so that you can work on your spider guard or uchi-komi.

For prices and more info on Origin BJJ Philippines, you can visit or their official Facebook page at

Manila Kimono Valiant Rash GuardSlide5There’s no doubt that the Valiant’s strongest point is its style. This rash guard is made with a thick polyester and spandex material, and with the print embedded into the fabric (as opposed to plastered on top of it), you won’t have to deal with any hard or sticky surfaces on your rash guard.It also features many staples in Filipino culture, most prominently on the front: The Jeepney. The back (see image A.) showcases the Rizal Memorial in Luneta Park and the word “Maynila” written in Alibata. Available in black and red or white and red. Price: P2,200.00

For more Manila Kimono products, you can visit or

O.PRO Therapy Pack and Origin BJJ’s Ranked Ruck

Here are two cool products that any grappler–or athlete, for that matter–could benefit from.

1. O.PRO Thera Pack- This is basically a cold pack (with a twist) for tending to those sore muscles after training. Leave it in the freezer and then use it after a grappling session to boost recover. It has five hinged compartments and is 30-inches long, allowing you to wrap it around or drape it over an aching body part. The nature-scented filling of this pack also provides a form of aromatherapy.

2. Ranked Ruck- The Ranked Ruck sack by Origin BJJ is made with 100 percent cotton and has three compartments (one main pocket, one front pocket, and one for valuables) allowing you to pack your gi and other items in one convenient bag. It also comes with adjustable shoulder straps that are cinched in using a Prusik Knot. To learn more about the Ranked Ruck sack and how to work the knot, watch this video here.

For prices and additional product info, you can visit or Origin BJJ Philippines’ official Facebook page at

Dojo Drifter Shirt and HoodyDojo Drifter Shirt
Last but (certainly) not least, Dojo Drifter will be releasing a new official shirt and hoody. Orders will be accepted starting February 2015. For more updates, be sure to keep it locked in to and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
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