Why training with your girlfriend could be good for you

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Should you train with your girlfriend? Science says it’s a good idea.

Everybody will have their own take on this. After all, some people see the gym or dojo as their place of peace, a sanctuary where they can enjoy uninterrupted “me” time. For others, though, training with a significant other is no big deal, and research shows that it actually offers plenty of benefits.

Here are some of them.

You’re more likely to achieve your goals

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Photo by Katrina Siozon

According to a recent UK study, people were more likely to quit smoking or to exercise more often if their partners did the same. Couples who also tried to lose weight together were also more successful in reaching their goals, according to the study. And this applies to BJJ as well. “I feel more comfortable, energetic, and happier when I train with [my wife] Alex than when I train alone,” says Alvin Lee, who trains BJJ under Deftac-Ribeiro. “We face challenges together through positive reinforcement. Days I wanna slack off, I actually push myself to train when I see Alex all stoked up to train.”

Training time doubles as bonding together

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Photo by Samantha dela Costa

Another benefit to training with your partner is that you can spend time with your girl while putting in a workout. “Yes, I think that [training] already counts as bonding time,” shares Samantha dela Costa, who trains under the Ateneo Judo Association with her teammate and boyfriend Angelo Gumila. “Though we have different training partners, we’re practicing the same sport and learning from the same coach. Also, we’re still under the same roof and we see each other.”

You’re less likely to compromise on training

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Photo via Bart Bartolome

When you both enjoy and understand the importance of your training, your martial art, or your goals, then you’ll support each other when the other wants to train. There’s no more talk of choosing between your girl or Jiu-jitsu. “One benefit is she understands pag may competition na, and you need to do weird things like cut weight or you need to train at least three times a day,” says Bart Bartolome, a member of Deftac-Ribeiro with his wife, MC. If she understands how much training means to you (since she shares the sentiment), then you won’t have to compromise on training again (and vise versa).

Photo by Katrina Siozon

Gab Pangalangan

Gab Pangalangan is a former collegiate national Judo champ and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of DojoDrifter.com. You can find his other works in the Philippines' leading magazines and websites.
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