UFC 193 From the Eyes of a Newbie UFC Media Man

Filmmaker Caloy Soliongco recounts his experience covering UFC 193 in Melbourne for DojoDrifter.com, the only Philippine media outlet to cover the event live. Here’s Fight Week and Fight Night for UFC 193 from the eyes of a newbie UFC media man. All photos shot on an iPhone.

Day 1- Open Workouts

Day 2- Media Day

Day 3- Weigh-ins

Day 4- UFC 193

Day 5- Post event

Caloy Soliongco is the only Filipino director to film marketing content of NBA MVPs Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Derrick Rose. He’s also shot videos of top local fighters and ring girls for Dojo Drifter. For more of his videos, visit vimeo.com/caloy. For his video coverage of UFC 193 Fight Week, subscribe to our Dojo Drifter YouTube channel.

Dojo Drifter Editors

Dojo Drifter Editors

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