An undeterred spirit keeps Edward Kelly hungry for victory

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Edward Kelly’s arrival in ONE FC was met with a string of losses, but these made him more motivated to improve.

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#1588db” txt_color=”#ffffff”]W[/mks_dropcap]hen Team Lakay’s Edward Kelly heard the news that he’ll be fighting Australia’s Jordan Lucas, he quickly went from his home in Bataan province to Baguio. Although surprised, he understands that in the fight game, he should always be ready.

“As a fighter, dapat nakahanda parati. Kaya nung nalaman ko (na may laban ako), nagsastay kasi ako sa Bataan eh na malayo dito (sa Baguio), umakyat agad ako at start na ng hard training,” Kelly told Dojo Drifter during an interview in Team Lakay’s main gym. [As a fighter, I always have to be ready. As soon as I heard the news that I’ll fight, I immediately went from Bataan where I stay and went up here in Baguio to start the hard training.]  
Jordan Lucas, Edward Kelly’s opponent, was supposed to debut against Mark “Mugen” Striegl in Manila last December. However, an eye injury forced the Australian to pull-out days before the contest. Now that Jordan is healthy and ready, he’ll be welcomed this time by Kelly in a featherweight matchup.

“Iyan din ang nabalitaan ko sa bantamweight dapat nga makakalaban niya (si Mark Striegl) kaya hindi ko alam kung bakit minatch sa akin. Pero basta laban at laro lang, laban lang ng laban. Papakita mo lang ang fighting spirit mo as a fighter.” [From what I’ve heard, he’s supposed to fight Mark Streigl in bantamweight. I don’t know why he’s matched against me. But for me, I just keep on fighting. I always show my fighting spirit.]  

A hard sparring session under coach Mark Sangiao keeps Edward Kelly focused in the gym.
A hard sparring session under coach Mark Sangiao has Edward Kelly focused in the gym.

Before entering ONE FC, the younger Kelly has won all of his 5 fights. His fortune drastically changed with the organization because he suffered 3 losses in 4 contests. As a newcomer, he was instantly pitted against top tier contenders such as Herbert Burns, Ev Ting, and his most recent fight was against Martin Nguyen. Although he wondered why this was the setup, he sees it as a challenge and a learning experience.

“Nakaharap ko na si Herbert Burns at Martin Nguyen. Kaka-start ko lang (sa ONE FC) pero sila na agad ung mga inilaban sa akin. Pero nagsilbi naman sila na challenge sa akin. Sana man lang may natalo ako na isa doon. Hindi pa siguro sa akin ang time na iyon. Na-accept ko naman na ung mga pagkatalo na iyon ay may mga pagkukulang ko rin. Nagsilbing aral din para pagtuunan ko ng pansin ang mga kahinain ko.” [mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#1588db” txt_color=”#ffffff”]“These served as a learning experience”[/mks_pullquote]“These served as a learning experience”[I had faced Herbert Burns and Martin Nguyen. I’m just starting out here in ONE FC, but they were immediately placed against me. I still wonder why, but it has served as a challenge for me. I wish I had won at least once, but probably it’s not my time yet. I accept those losses and lapses on my end. These served as a learning experience, which I have to work on.]  
Always the optimist despite his past losses, Edward shared, “Ang mga past losses ko, mga paraan ng pagkatalo ko, laking aral na para sa laban ko na ito.” [My past losses served as huge lessons in my upcoming fight.]

The proud fighter looks to show an improved game against his upcoming opponent when they finally meet in Myanmar and he’s coming really prepared for an all-around battle.

Ang pagkakaalam ko kay Jordan Lucas, striker siya. Nag-start siya sa MMA at wala malaga specialisation. Kaya ang gameplan ko ay mixed din. Standup lang din at ground ang focus ko ngayon at escapes. Mga technical escape sa grappling.” [What I know about Jordan Lucas is he’s a striker. He also started in MMA that’s why he has no specialisation, so my game plan is mixed fighting. Stand-up and ground game are my focus and also technical escapes in grappling.]  

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