URCC two division champ Chris Hofmann: “I have so much to learn”

Two division champ Chris Hofmann

Two-division champ Chris Hofmann knows he has a long way to go in mixed martial arts.

Despite having two URCC belts on his shoulders, two-division champ Chris Hofmann doesn’t let success get into his head. He quips there’s no reason to feel superior; he still gets beat up in training. Among his sparring partners are former URCC titleholder Richard Lasprilla and PXC standout Rex de Lara.

“I still have a long way to go,” Hofmann tells Dojo Drifter. “Kasi when I spar with guys like Richard Lasprilla who is like half my size, he hits me all the time with good shit. Like really good stuff that hurts and that’s not supposed to happen. He’s much shorter and I’m taller, ibig sabihin may mali sa laro ko.”

I still have a long way to go…If I cannot fight against smaller people who are more superior, walang kwenta yung belt ko.

He adds, “Or when I train with Rex de Lara in the Fort. That guy when he hits the body shot, it really hurts, so that means I’m doing something wrong and imagine I’m a two-division champion. If I cannot fight against smaller people who are more superior, walang kwenta yung belt ko.”

Hofmann also worked on his ground game with former title contender Marcus Valda and other champions who are now competing in BJJ tourneys. He says that getting beaten up in training camp gives him a real assessment of his skills and that keeps his feet on the ground.

I’m so far from being good yet. I’m so far from being on the high level that everyone thinks I am. I still have to work on my game, man.

“I also trained with Marcus Valda sometimes. He’s out of the game for a while but he whoops my ass all the time. And all those former champions who’re not active anymore in MMA. They just do like Jiu-jitsu and help me out. Talo ako lagi and that shows me the reality that I’m so far from being good yet.

Since losing his debut fight, Hofmann has been on a five-fight win streak. In this year alone, he already fought thrice where he defeated Caloy Baduria and most recently John Adajar to claim the light heavyweight and middleweight titles.

The 28-year-old is looking beyond the titles on his shoulders. He believes it’s only the beginning of the road to prove himself more as a fighter.

“I have so much to learn pa. I have so much to improve, so I’m far from it. That keeps me hungry kasi I’m far from being the best in my team. They say I have two belts and no one has that but I’m sure all those former champions are better,” he quips.


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