Yoga+ to launch The Flexibility Project in August

If you want to improve your flexibility and regain range of motion in your muscles and joints, then join The Flexibility Project by Yoga+.

Whether you’re doing household chores or training for a sports tournament, having improved flexibility can go a long way. However, little do many know the most effective ways to improve flexibility in order to maximize its benefits.

To help you enjoy movement without limits, Yoga+ will be holding The Flexibility Project from August to September 2017. Enrollees will enjoy 30 classes within 30 days and even get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Yoga+ said in a social media post:

JOIN THE FLEXIBILITY PROJECT from August 7 to September 5! Only P3599 for yoga+ and P2499 for yoga+ express. Finish 30 classes within 30 days and get a chance to win a 3-month unlimited package and many more! All finishers will get a 10% discount on their next purchase and qualify for raffle prizes!

For pricing information or if you wish to sign up, click here.

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